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THE BEST WAY TO WASH YOUR BEARD Life is good. Your beard is growing in great, and your boss is being unusually cool. As you stroll through the office in route to recharge your coffee; it hits you…a combination of stale beer, that steak you ate on Saturday, and a splash of old perfume. What.The.Hell. It’s Tuesday, but your beard smells like the weekend. As a well-groomed gentleman, this is clearly not okay. We receive a lot of questions about beard care and maintenance. One of the most popular questions relates to cleaning the beard. What is the best beard shampoo? Is there a great natural beard wash? How do I properly wash my beard?
Washing your beard is easy, but if not done properly, it will dry your beard out and make it more abrasive. Wash your face every day, but not your beard. As men, we have naturally oily skin. To keep things clear and healthy, you should wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed. Your beard is a different story. …

Long Beard Care: How to Care for a Long Beard

If you’re just beginning to grow a beard or are styling a short beard, we’ve already covered the best tips on maintenance. But what about long beard care? A long beard is impressive but, unless it’s well cared for, it can quickly look more Hagrid than hipster. Beard to blade have our top tips on long beard care to ensure your long beard looks awesome.

Longbeard care is a combination of knowing what you’re doing and having the right beard tools to do it! We’ve broken down our top tips with some recommended products that will help you get the very best long beard.


The first step in long beard care is to brush and/or comb your beard every day. This ensures your beard is free from tangles and helps keep it looking and feeling smooth.
We would recommend a high-quality brush or comb. While you can get basic combs, not necessarily intended for facial hair, these are often too flimsy to cope with a long and sturdy beard! Cheap combs are often cut badly, which means the teeth are slightly jagged and can snag and damage your hairs as your brush - especially as many bearded men comb repeatedly when trimming or applying a beard product.
Look for a comb that’s polished to ensure the teeth don’t damage your beard. It’s good to have fairly narrow gaps between the teeth so they comb through as many individual hairs as possible.

We recommend this one from Kent, but all the combs we have available are fantastic!

Kent Comb


A long beard is not the same as a wild one. Even if you’re looking to add length to your beard, it’s still vital you keep it looking neat by trimming. Invest in a pair of beard scissors as these are the best choice for trimming long beards. You can even get ones in handy cases that are perfect for travelling.
Trimming your beard is all about creating and maintaining a good shape. The best way to start your trim is with a thorough comb. First, brush against the grain and then with; this helps you see the longer hairs and areas that are in most need of attention.
It’s better to use scissors rather than electric trimmers for long beards as trimmers come with a greater risk of mistakes. One small slip and a chunk of your prized beard is gone! Scissors give you greater control and allow you to be more precise in determining the length of your beard.
Start from the bottom and work upwards. Trimming from the bottom allows you to better shape your beard around its longest part. Gradually work up on each side, shaping it around your neckline and tapering your cheeks to create a defined shape.
Most men with a long beard like to give it a quick trim every couple of days to ensure it stays neat.
Hans Kniebes Beard & Moustache Trimming Kit


A brushed, combed, and trimmed beard is great, but using the right styling products can kick your long beard care game up a notch.


Beard balms are a great way to both moisturise and style your long beard. They contain lots of oils that keep your beard from getting dry and are combined with beeswax that allows you to smooth and style your beard.
One of our favourites is the Captain Fawcett Private Stock Beard Balm that smells fantastic!

Captain Fawcett's Private Stock Beard Balm


Beard wax isn’t combined with all the same oils as a balm, so it doesn’t also condition your hair as you use it. It does, however, provide a much stronger hold for facial hair that’s particularly hard to tame. It contains beeswax which gives it its properties. Read more about beeswax on our blog!
Mr Bear Family Woodland Beard Stache Wax


One of the most important things you can do to care for a long beard is to wash it. It’s vital to use a quality beard wash - these are facial-hair-friendly and won’t dry out your beard. Wash your beard every day, especially if you use balm or wax. If you don’t wash, wax, dirt and other impurities can build up in your beard. Not only is this unhygienic, it will also end up clogging up your pores and irritating your skin.
Hairgum’s organic beard shampoo is a great choice. It doesn’t just clean your hair, it helps to hydrate and add extra strength.

Hairgum Origines Organic Hair & Beard Shampoo


Once you’ve washed, use a beard conditioner to protect your hair as it dries. Beard oil works really well for this - just comb it through the length of your beard and leave it in to work its magic. You can also buy wash out conditioners, such as Noberu Sandalwood Beard  Conditioner, which work like normal hair conditioner but is specifically formulated for the needs of facial hair.

Edwin Jagger Conditioning Beard Oil

Noberu Sandalwood Beard Conditioner


Do you have any other tips for long beard care? Share them with us in the comments below - we’d love to hear your thoughts and tips.