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THE BEST WAY TO WASH YOUR BEARD Life is good. Your beard is growing in great, and your boss is being unusually cool. As you stroll through the office in route to recharge your coffee; it hits you…a combination of stale beer, that steak you ate on Saturday, and a splash of old perfume. What.The.Hell. It’s Tuesday, but your beard smells like the weekend. As a well-groomed gentleman, this is clearly not okay. We receive a lot of questions about beard care and maintenance. One of the most popular questions relates to cleaning the beard. What is the best beard shampoo? Is there a great natural beard wash? How do I properly wash my beard?
Washing your beard is easy, but if not done properly, it will dry your beard out and make it more abrasive. Wash your face every day, but not your beard. As men, we have naturally oily skin. To keep things clear and healthy, you should wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed. Your beard is a different story. …

What Do Women Really Think About Beards?

Beard styles and trends are constantly changing. These days it seems the trends are generally in favour of men who choose to sport a little hair on their faces, whether they rock a full beard or go for the more scruffy look of stubble.

Despite some reports claiming “beards are over,” it seems as though facial hair is here to stay.
Facial hair is, after all, an important aspect of many men’s identities and can play an important role in their love lives.

Thanks to a recent study by BodyLogicMD, we now have a little more insight into just what makes facial hair so important. So, what do women really think about beards?

Beard Statistics & The Perceived Benefits Of Having A BeardFacial Hair PreferencesA study of 1,000 Americans found that women find men with facial hair more attractive than men without. However, if you’re a man who is unable to grow facial hair, you will be happy to know there are women who prefer their man to have a clean-shaven face. It appears that more than half of wom…