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THE BEST WAY TO WASH YOUR BEARD Life is good. Your beard is growing in great, and your boss is being unusually cool. As you stroll through the office in route to recharge your coffee; it hits you…a combination of stale beer, that steak you ate on Saturday, and a splash of old perfume. What.The.Hell. It’s Tuesday, but your beard smells like the weekend. As a well-groomed gentleman, this is clearly not okay. We receive a lot of questions about beard care and maintenance. One of the most popular questions relates to cleaning the beard. What is the best beard shampoo? Is there a great natural beard wash? How do I properly wash my beard?
Washing your beard is easy, but if not done properly, it will dry your beard out and make it more abrasive. Wash your face every day, but not your beard. As men, we have naturally oily skin. To keep things clear and healthy, you should wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed. Your beard is a different story. …

Should You Shave Before Or After Showering?

Should You Shave Before Or After Showering?
To Shave Before or After Showering? – that’s the question that we’re addressing today. A quote supposedly attributed to Abraham Lincoln goes as follows: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Those words make clear the importance of preparation – paramount to achieving a close, comfortable shave. Whether you shave before, during or after showering depends not only on the type of shaver you use but how you prepare your face. Your very first shave – it’s that big step into manfulness that brings with it a new element to your daily grooming routine. As if you don’t have enough bathroom related jobs to deal with in the morning – showering, brushing teeth, styling hair, moisturizing, and deodorising (…and erm, dropping some friends off at the pool) – you’ve now got this arduous shaving task to endure. To maintain a fresh-faced look, shaving must become an integral part of your daily …